What's next?

Stethoscope (doctors doctors), labeled The Doctor, is a female contestant on Object Trek. She was placed on the Squeeze Foxes.


Stethoscope is the object world's resident doctor, and she tends to bring it up whenever she has the chance. She is very good friends with Beach Ball, and she has a special landing pad she uses to help him get his bouncing under control.


In How It Began, Stethoscope used the landing pad for the first time to stop Beach Ball's bouncing. This was after Beach Ball was picked onto Water Balloon's team. Stethoscope herself was later chosen to be on his team.

During the contest, Stethoscope crossed the river and placed a landing pad on the ground. Beach Ball landed on the pad shortly afterward.


  • In the OT website, it is revealed that she has a shield to prevent Basket from exploding and a can of color-changing paint to keep Soccer Ball from being indecisive.
  • Even though “What’s Next” is her catchphrase, she has only first said in in Episode 3.
  • Stethoscope’s dialogue in Episode 3 is the same as Dr. O’s dialogue.

Squeezy Foxes

Current: Water Balloon | Soccer Ball | Rake | Horn | Pipey | Music Note | Flight Helmet | Stethoscope | Baskety

Eliminated: Beach Ball

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