Soccer Ball (indecisivus painterus), labeled The Indecisive Painter, is a male contestant on Object Trek. He was placed on the Squeezy Foxes.


Soccer Ball has a very hard time making up his mind. Sometimes, the other objects need to help him out.

Soccer Ball's favorite hobby is painting pictures, though some objects think he would much rather paint himself.


In How It Began, Soccer Ball was the first one Water Balloon picked for his team. During the contest, Soccer Ball and Broccoli were the last two contestants left in the river. Broccoli made fun of Soccer Ball, motivating him to head faster toward the finish line. He ended up winning for his team, putting the Floppy Rabbits up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, he is first seen painting a picture of Rake's alliance. He explains that he got some of his paints from his friend, the recommended character Paint Bucket. During the contest, when Water Balloon had the Foxes split up, he was put in a group with Water Balloon and Music Note. Later, that group split up again. Soccer Ball eventually reached the exit of the maze, but ultimately, his team lost and was put up for elimination.


  • According to Water Balloon, he would be useful in art contests.
  • He is the only black-and-white contestant.
  • Another Soccer Ball competes on Object Overload, but that one is armless and has a different personality.
  • Soccer Ball is the first contestant to ever be chosen for a team. (not incuding team captains)
  • He is the only player to have an adjective in his Latin name.

Squeezy Foxes

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