— Snowflake's first word

Snowflake (mockius luckyian), labeled The Non-English One, is a female contestant on Object Trek. She was placed on the Floppy Rabbits.


Snowflake does not talk very much, but this is because she speaks, not English, but real Korean and Mock Korean, and she knows that hardly anyone understands her. Because of this, when she does speak, she relies on Dictionary and the subtitles to translate what she says. Despite not being able to produce English, she seems to understand it very well.


In How It Began, Snowflake was among the crowd of contestants gathered by Megaphone. When she was chosen for Pie's team, Pie called her "the silent type". Snowflake corrected Pie, saying she does talk. Broccoli then calls Snowflake stupid for not knowing how to speak English. Dictionary explains that Snowflake speaks real Korean and Mock Korean, and that he understands both of them. He ends up being the next person Pie chooses.

During the contest, Snowflake and Dictionary made it across the river, making the score 4 to 3 in favor of the Rabbits. At the end of the contest, the Squeezy Foxes won, putting the Rabbits, including Snowflake, up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Snowflake got 22 likes and won the prize. Her prize ended up being a map of the maze that would appear after Box Time. Afterward, she was revealed to be safe with only two dislikes.

During the contest, Pie had Snowflake and Dictionary go into the maze by themselves, since Snowflake had the map. Sometime later, Snowflake had given the map to Dictionary, who discovered that the map displayed the locations of the contestants and the vacuums. In response, Snowflake said her first English word: "Wow!"

Later on, Snowflake was the first person to exit the maze. As a result, she got a Winning Ball. Her team eventually won, putting the Squeezy Foxes up for elimination.


Burned in metal box

Is killed by lava


  • MrMenCentral has confirmed that Snowflake will be able to speak English eventually.
  • The subtitles that appear when Snowflake speaks have different fonts depending on what language she is speaking.
  • Snowflake is one of the 2 only characters to understand Mock Korean. The other is Dictionary.
  • It was rumored on this wiki that she would be getting a backstory in Construction Chaos. She didn't get one, but MrMenCentral confirmed in episode 3's end credits that she will get one in episode 4.

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