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Scrolly (dungeonus parchmentus), labeled The Curious One, is a male contestant on Object Trek. He was placed on the Floppy Rabbits.


Scrolly is best friends with Flasky, and they like to go on adventures together. He is very curious, and he wants to know as much as he can about any new place he visits.


In How It Began, Scrolly asked Megaphone where the contestants would explore first after Megaphone explained the show's premise. When choosing teams, Water Balloon didn't want to pick Scrolly, as Pie had just chosen Flasky. He figured that Flasky and Scrolly, being best friends, should be on the same team. Pie liked Water Balloon's suggestion and picked Scrolly for her team.

During the contest, Flasky and Scrolly crossed the river together, tying the score. Their team eventually lost, however, putting them up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Scrolly was revealed to be safe with only four dislikes. He chose the yellow box, which had a pizza with extra cheese in it. He didn't do much during the contest, but his team ultimately won, putting the Squeezy Foxes up for elimination.

Floppy Rabbits

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