Rubik's Cube is a recommended character who appeared in A-MAZE-ing Plan.


Rubik's Cube actually consists of six conjoined siblings, named Red, Yellow, White, Green, Blue, and Purple. Purple is a genius who helps Megaphone and Gameboard out by inventing things that can be used in the contests. Green, on the other hand, isn't very smart, and may even be dumber than Horn! Blue is the most serious-minded out of the siblings, while Red will tell a joke whenever she has the opportunity. Yellow is extremely mischievous and loves to pull pranks. White, however, can't stand pranks and prefers to help the contestants out.


In A-MAZE-ing Plan, when Flight Helmet expressed surprise that Baskety's explosion did not damage the vacuum, Rubik's Cube appeared. Purple explained to Flight Helmet that the vacuums were designed to be strong. Baskety was surprised to learn that Purple was the one who built the vacuums.

Green then asked Purple what a button labeled "MAKE VACUUMS ESCAPE" did while pressing it. After he did this, the vacuums escaped from the maze and ate 21 of the other recommended characters. Red told him that maybe he should have pressed the button labeled "DELETE VACUUMS", while pressing it herself. After she pressed it, the vacuums disappeared.


  • In real life, Rubik's Cubes have an orange side, not a purple one. The purple side was probably put in as a reference to the board game Clue.
  • So far, only Blue, Purple, Green, and Red have been shown on-screen.
    • Of those four, Blue is the only one who has not spoken yet.
  • According to the description of A-MAZE-ing Plan, they were also recommended in the Object Mayhem fanart contest.
  • They are one of two characters voiced by their recommender. The other is Kitty.