Most of A-MAZE-ing Plan's RCs

Recommended characters are characters recommended to appear on Object Trek by the viewers. Most recommended characters appear in crowds, but a few of them interact with the contestants.

List of recommended charactersEdit

A-MAZE-ing PlanEdit

  1. "Paint Bucket" by Joel Morrison
  2. "Kitty" by Just A Cuphead Fan
  3. "Rubik's Cube" by MrMenCentral
  4. "Tent" by Andrew Romano
  5. "Notey" by Pufferfishmax
  6. "Colorful Music Note" by Maxwell Young
  7. "Pentagon" by LOL! Stars Soup!
  8. "Mauve Woody" by Durlacher Alex
  9. "Peanut Butter" by Doge Bro
  10. "Jammy" by marc menguito
  11. "Sun" by Markwaytv
  12. "Katana" by Jerebrine
  13. "Acid Drop" by Sapina Kirupakaran
  14. "Dreidel" by MordercaiIsland1010
  15. "Crown" by ObjectPixels2248HD
  16. "Rectangle" by Rectangle 8
  17. "Juicebox" by LimitedFlans
  18. "Cherry" by Austin's World
  19. "Cereal Bowl" by Land Walker
  20. "Lighter" by ZTA 05
  21. "Diamond" by Demarion Tappan
  22. "Novel" by tack 89
  23. "Book" by theninjagamer
  24. "Bread" by Erdenay Kul
  25. "Snowball" by Icy Cubchoo
  26. "Whip" by Slimy-Pennies


  • So far, Kitty, Rubik's Cube, and Paint Bucket were the only recommended characters to interact with the contestants.
  • Kitty, Rubik's Cube, and Katana are the only recommended characters who have spoken so far.
  • Acid Drop is currently the only Object Trek character that starts with “A”.
  • There is another Notey in Object Multiverse, but they have different personalities.
  • Cereal Bowl, Crown, Diamond, Katana, Kitty, Juicebox, Paint Bucket, and Sun all joined ZOMG.
  • Book and Snowball are in BFB.