Gordon's alive!
— Rake, Kitty Joins the show!(Episode 7)

Rake (gardeningus heroicus), labeled The Neat Freak, is a female contestant on Object Trek. She was placed on the Squeezy Foxes.


Rake has a bit of musical talent, but not nearly as much as Music Note. She can also be a bit of a neat freak occasionally. She is the leader of an alliance consisting of herself, Horn, and Pipey.


In the announcement video, Rake organized the plan to get a book (which later turned out to be Dictionary) that would reveal the scheduled release date of Object Trek. She told Pipey to get into a cannon that would launch her to the other side of the lake, where Dictionary was. She was surprised to find out that the scheduled release date was April 1st, 2017, presumably because that date was so close to the announcement video's release date.

In How It Began, Rake asked Megaphone what the red triangle on the TV's map was supposed to represent. Later on, Rake was picked to be on Water Balloon's team.

During the contest, Rake formed an alliance with Horn and Pipey. They all crossed the river at the same time, and their team eventually won.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Soccer Ball was painting a picture of the alliance, including Rake. Rake asked Soccer Ball what kind of paint he used for the picture. She explained to Pipey that she considers some paints to be "too risky".

During the contest, Rake was put with the rest of her alliance when the Foxes split up. They came across a math problem written on a door, and Water Balloon came to help them with it. When they found out the answer was 82, Rake said that she didn't like said number. When asked why, she said that "it's a long story". Her team eventually lost thanks to Beach Ball.


  • Rake's personal OMG is "Oh my rake factory!", as heard in the announcement video.
  • Her mock-Latin name (gardeningus heroicus) is based on the title of BFDI episode 20: "Gardening Hero".
  • She is afraid of lead.
  • She also hurt Woody from BFDI in her audition

Squeezy Foxes

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