Pipey (metallicus plumbingus), labeled The Somewhat Shy, is a female contestant on Object Trek. She was placed on the Squeezy Foxes.


Pipey can be somewhat shy, but that doesn't stop her from trying her best in challenges! Her best friends are Rake and Horn, and she is in an alliance with both of them.


In the announcement video, Pipey seemed to be a bit nervous about getting shot out of a cannon to get a book that revealed when Object Trek would possibly come out. Despite this, she got into the cannon and was shot out of it, landing on the other side of a lake. She returned with the book, which turned out to be Dictionary. At the end of the video, Music Note, having been kicked by Broccoli, bumped into Pipey, knocking her over.

In How It Began, Pipey was surprised when she saw Beach Ball's landing pad for the first time. She was later picked onto Water Balloon's team.

During the contest, she, along with Rake and Horn, formed an alliance. The alliance reached the other side of the river together. Their team eventually won, putting the Floppy Rabbits up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Soccer Ball painted a picture of her and the rest of her alliance before the contest. When Rake asked Soccer Ball what kind of paint he used, Pipey asked Rake if she was afraid of paint.

During the contest, Pipey was put with the rest of her alliance, and they came across a math problem written on a door. She suggested that Water Balloon should help them out, which he did. She made it out of the maze, but ultimately, her team lost and was put up for elimination.


  • She and Horn were the only ones with shading in episode 1.
  • She is one of three people whose body didn't get an update until GFTG was released.

Squeezy Foxes

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