Object TrekEdit

In How It Began, Pie was concerned that Water Balloon was chosen as a team captain. She was afraid he would pick her onto his team, but fortunately for her, she ended up being the other team captain. Pie chose Swim Trunks, Bathing Suit, Flasky, Scrolly, Snowflake, Dictionary, Rope, Rolling Pin, and Broccoli onto her team, which she later named the Floppy Rabbits.

During the contest, Pie and Rope rode on top of Baskety to the finish line, even though Baskety was on the other team. Pie and Rope were the first two Rabbits to cross the river, but their team was still up for elimination. Fortunately for Pie, she has immunity until the contestants reach Objectoo.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Pie was the first one declared safe, since she had immunity. The green box, which she chose, contained pepperoni pizza, which Pie said was her favorite.

During the contest, Pie had Snowflake and Dictionary enter the maze first, since they had a map of the maze. Afterward, she tied Rope to a tree and explained that she would use him to find a way out of the maze, while the remaining Rabbits waited for her to come back to the entrance.

While in the maze, she congratulated Rope on getting his Winning Ball in the previous episode, and advised him not to waste it. They eventually came across Music Note, who joined them. The three of them came across a 3-way intersection, where they met Kitty. Kitty helped them to get out of the maze, where Pie tied Rope's other end to another tree and went back into the maze to get the remaining Rabbits.

By then, all of the Foxes except for Beach Ball had left the maze. Beach Ball and the Rabbits were headed toward each other when Beach Ball bumped into Pie, making him start bouncing again. Because of this, the Rabbits won, putting the Squeezy Foxes up for elimination.