I pick Snowflake, the Silent One.
— Pie, "How It Began"


Pie is somewhat cautious, especially when Water Balloon is involved. She is also not a very good swimmer. Because of this, she has been trying to get swimming lessons from Music Note, but it never works out for some reason.

Despite not getting along with Water Balloon very well, Pie does seem to be open to suggestions from him (as evidenced when she picked Scrolly due to Water Balloon suggesting that Scrolly should be on the same team as Flasky).


Click here to view the coverage of Pie
Click here to view the coverage of Pie.


  • According to the fun facts in the credits of How It Began, Pie and Water Balloon were the first two contestants to be created.
    • They were also the first two characters to appear in the intro.
    • They were also the team captins.
  • There is another Pie who competes in Battle for BFDI, but despite their similarities, the two Pies are completely different characters.


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