Object TrekEdit

In How It Began, Music Note was first seen among the newly formed crowd of contestants. When Megaphone explained the ball pit, Music Note said the system for picking team captains sounded easy. She picked Water Balloon and Pie to be the team captains. When she was picked onto Water Balloon's team, she said that was a good choice, because she's a good swimmer and Pie already has two good swimmers on her team.

When the contest began, Rope noticed Pie wasn't getting in the river, and asked her about it. Pie explained that she's been trying to get swimming lessons from Music Note, but it never works out for some reason.

Music Note ended up being the first contestant to make it across the river. Her team eventually won, and she was awarded a Winning Ball for being the first Squeezy Fox to make it across.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Music Note was approached by Pie, who suggested that their swimming lessons could take place in the river from the last episode. Music Note agreed, and they went to the river, only to find Broccoli swimming there as well. This scared Music Note away, and Pie followed close behind. Pie said she hoped that Broccoli would get eliminated, and Music Note agreed.

Music Note was not seen after this until after Box Time. Water Balloon was asking her how the swimming lessons went, and Music Note told him what happened with Broccoli. Pie approached and told her that Broccoli had just been eliminated, and therefore wouldn't be a problem anymore. Music Note realized that now that the elimination was over, it should be time for the next contest. This led to Megaphone explaining what the contest was.

During the contest, when Water Balloon had everyone split up, he put Music Note with himself and Soccer Ball. Later, when that group came across a 3-way intersection, Water Balloon had each of them go in different directions. Music Note ended up coming across Pie and Rope. Pie explained her plan to get her team to the exit, but they soon came across another 3-way intersection. Kitty, a recommended character, approached and offered to help them.

Later, with Kitty's help, Music Note, Pie, and Rope made it to the exit. When Kitty asked if she could join the game, Music Note took Kitty to see Megaphone, who told Kitty to check back with him in episode 7. The Floppy Rabbits eventually won, putting Music Note's team, the Squeezy Foxes, up for elimination.


In the announcement video, Broccoli, off-screen, asked Music Note if she was beautiful. When Music Note answered "Uh, no?", Broccoli kicked her and she knocked Pipey over.