This is a list of music used in Object Trek. All songs listed are by Kevin MacLeod unless stated otherwise.

Multiple episodesEdit

  • Intro music - More Eight Bit Stabs (by teknoaxe)
  • End credits song - Beach Party

Season 1Edit

How It BeganEdit

  • New Friendly - Played at the beginning.
  • How It Begins - Played after the intro.
  • Pixel Peeker Polka - slower - Played when Water Balloon and Pie were picking teams.
  • Move Forward (pitch raised) - "I think I've come up with mine: the Squeezy Foxes."
  • Four Beers' Polka - Played during the contest.
  • Overworld - "No, Water Balloon. No one's shoe is ringing."
  • Digital Lemonade (pitch raised) - "And the Squeezy Foxes win!"

A-MAZE-ing PlanEdit

  • Sock Hop - Played at the beginning.
  • Level Up - Played after the Box Time theme.
  • Malt Shop Bop - Played when Pie opens her box.
  • Snare Bounce Polka - "Okay, Foxes. If we split up, we can cover more ground."
  • Street Party - "Water Balloon's very smart, isn't he?"
  • Amazing Plan - Played when Beach Ball exits the Object Restoration Device.
  • Divertissement - Pizzicato (from the ballet Sylvia) - Played when Pie goes back into the maze.
  • Ultra Polka - "The Floppy Rabbits win!"