Easy for you to Say!
— Horn

Horn (instrumentalus brassium), labeled The Simpleminded, is a male contestant on Object Trek. He was placed on the Squeezy Foxes.


Simpleminded, dimwitted, scatterbrained, however you want to say it, that's Horn for you. He doesn't know much about what goes on around him (but he's been paying enough attention to know that he's on a competition show), and he tends to forget things. He can also be a bit moody at times. His catchphrase is "Easy for you to say!", and he is best friends with Rake and Pipey.


In the announcment video, Horn mentioned a book that contained the possible release date of Object Trek episode 1. (This book turned out to be Dictionary.)

In How It Began, Water Balloon had picked Rake onto his team, and he wanted Horn and Pipey on his team as well. He started with just Horn since he couldn't choose two people at a time. When Horn heard this, he said his catchphrase: "Easy for you to say!"

During the contest, Rake, Horn, and Pipey formed an alliance. Horn liked the idea, although, as he pointed out, nearly every object show has an alliance. The entire alliance crossed the river later on. Horn's team eventually won, putting the Floppy Rabbits up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Soccer Ball had painted a picture of the alliance, including Horn. Later, during the contest, Horn was put with the rest of the alliance. When the alliance approached a door with a math problem on it, Horn thought said problem was too tricky. He later made it to the exit of the maze with most of the other Foxes, but his team was eventually put up for elimination.


  • Horn is the only member of the alliance with no arms.
  • He is also the only male member of the alliance.
  • He is one of three contestants to have a catchphrase, the other being Baskety and Stethoscope.
  • He is the only armless member of the Squeezy Foxes.


Squeezy Foxes

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Eliminated: Beach Ball

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