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Gameboard is Megaphone's assistant and the co-host of Object Trek. She was introduced in A-MAZE-ing Plan.


In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Megaphone introduced her to the Floppy Rabbits during Box Time. Megaphone considered her "something better" than the TV that was shown in the previous episode, but Broccoli was skeptical. She was used to show the votes during Box Time. Later, after Broccoli's elimination, she congratulated Rolling Pin on getting the Immune Ball.

When Megaphone was explaining the contest, Gameboard told Snowflake that her map could help her out. After the contest, she had two of the Rabbits, who had won the contest, each pick a ball from the ball pit.


  • She was created after the script and voices for episode 1 were completed, which is why she debuted in episode 2.
    • Her body asset, however, appeared in episode 1 for the team boards.
  • She appears in ZOMG 3b whenever a contestant uses a Randomizer.