Dictionary (bookius translatorium), labeled The Translator, is a male contestant on Object Trek. He was placed on the Floppy Rabbits.


Dictionary is very smart and knows many languages, including the two languages Snowflake speaks. Because of this, he and Snowflake are best friends.


In How It Began, Dictionary explained to Pie about Snowflake's languages. He ended up getting picked for Pie's team.

During the contest, he and Snowflake crossed the river before the alliance, but his team was still put up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, he was the only contestant besides Pie who had no dislikes, and chose the red box as his prize. His box contained mushroom pizza, which he didn't like.

During the contest, he and Snowflake were put together. They used Snowflake's map to get out of the maze quickly. Because they were the first to enter the maze, Dictionary didn't know about Pie's plan for getting the rest of her team through the maze. His team eventually won, putting the Squeezy Foxes up for elimination.


GFTG 2b: He is stabbed by Horn

GFTG 3b: He is stabbed by Horn again

He is killed by lava


  • Dictionary is the only contestant who can understand what Snowflake is saying.
  • Dictionary is not related to Book from BFDIA (who was originally named Dictionary).
  • Another character named Dictionary appeared in Inanimate Insanity episodes 5.5 and 6. His design is similar Book from BFDIA, but with the colors swapped. This Dictionary had a chance to join the game, but he ultimately did not join.
  • As shown on the announcement video, his pages contain information about various object shows (including Object Trek) and their characters, similar to Book (despite not being related to her) and the II Dictionary. His contents are as follows:
    • Music Note - Likes singing and swimming. Is possibly related to Tune.
    • Naily - Likes harming Woody for some reason.
    • Needle - Slaps anyone who calls her "Needy".
    • Nicey - A nice stick figure. Was temporarily turned into Burger.
    • Nickel - Is the new Coiny.
    • Nonexisty - Is nonexistent yet helpful.
    • Notebook - Is also a superhero. See Super Notebook.
    • object show - One of many shows on YouTube featuring objects competing for a prize. BFDI was the first object show.
    • Object Trek - An object show made by MrMenCentral. The first episode is scheduled to come out on April 1st, 2017. (It actually came out a month later.)
    • OJ - The season 1 winner of Inanimate Insanity.
    • Paintbrush - Is Paintbrush a boy or a girl? Please don't get me started on this one.
    • Paper - The first Inanimate Insanity contestant to be eliminated. Temporarily developed an evil side (which was destroyed by a piano.)
  • As shown in A-MAZE-ing Plan, he sometimes uses long words.


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