Object TrekEdit

In How It Began, Broccoli was seen among the crowd of objects gathered to compete. While Water Balloon and Pie were picking teams, Broccoli called Snowflake stupid for not knowing how to speak English. When Baskety told Broccoli to be nice, Broccoli made Baskety explode!

Eventually, Broccoli was the last one to be picked for a team. She was disgusted at this.

During the contest, Broccoli and Soccer Ball were the last two contestants remaining. Broccoli made fun of Soccer Ball's indecisiveness, motivating Soccer Ball to go even faster and reach the finish line before she did! Because of this, Broccoli's team, the Floppy Rabbits was put up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Broccoli was swimming in the river from the previous episode when Music Note and Pie decided to go swimming in said river. Her showing up scared Music Note off, with Pie following close behind.

At Box Time, Broccoli was skeptical when Megaphone introduced Gameboard as "something better" than the TV (which Megaphone had sold due to budget cuts). With 59 dislikes, she was eliminated and sent to the Big Box.


In the announcement video, Broccoli was not seen, but she was heard asking Music Note if she was beautiful. When Music Note replied, "Uh, no?", Broccoli kicked her into Pipey.