What? My team loses? Yuck!

Broccoli (vegetarius disgustii), labeled The Disgusted Meanie, is a female contestant on Object Trek. She was placed on the Floppy Rabbits. Broccoli is also very very mean.


Broccoli is very mean, and she is also easily disgusted at nearly everything, even getting picked last for a team or losing a contest!


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Object Trek - Best of Broccoli

Object Trek - Best of Broccoli

  • Broccoli and Baskety's dialogue in episode 1 is based on Flower and Bubble's dialogue in BFDI episode 1b.
  • Broccoli was the first Object Trek contestant to kill someone.
  • According to the fun facts in episode 1's credits, Broccoli and Scrolly were originally going to have arms, but MrMenCentral decided to remove them beacuse he thought there weren't enough armless characters.
  • As of A-MAZE-ing Plan, Broccoli is the only Floppy Rabbit to have a two-digit number of dislikes.

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