Box Time the elimination ceremony of Object Trek and its two camps, GFTG and ZOMG. It debuted in A-MAZE-ing Plan. At Box Time, votes from the viewers are revealed, with the person with the most likes winning a prize, and the person with the most dislikes being eliminated. In Object Trek, eliminated contestants are sent to the Big Box, while in GFTG, they are sent to the Land of Four Dimensions. Eliminated contestants in ZOMG become one-dimensional and get sent to Lineland.

​Intro songEdit

​The Box Time intro is sung by Megaphone, Gameboard, and all the remaining contestants.


Box Time, Box Time!

One of you won't stay!

Box Time, Box Time!

Who will leave today? x2

Who will leave today?

​Order of eliminationEdit

Object TrekEdit

  1. Episode 2: Broccoli


  1. GFTG 3a: Swim Trunks


  1. ZOMG 3a: Evil Needle, Headphones
  2. ZOMG 4a: Drumstick, Bally
  3. ZOMG 5a: Bow, Coke
  4. ZOMG 6a: Coat Rack, Zombie Arrow


The prizes for Box Time are kept in boxes, hence the name. One box contains an Immune Ball (a Randomizer in ZOMG), while the rest contain a regular prize.

Object TrekEdit

Episode Regular prize Box containing Immune Ball
Episode 2 pizza slices (each with a different topping) purple box


Episode Regular prize Box containing Immune Ball
GFTG 3a pizza slices green box


Episode Regular prize Box containing Randomizer
ZOMG 3a cake slices red box (Floating Headsets), blue box (Explosive PCs)
ZOMG 4a Earthy plushes red box (both teams)
ZOMG 5a green cake slices (possibly vomit-flavored) green box (both teams)
ZOMG 6a fortune cookies pink box (both teams)


  • The example balls are shaped and posing like Soccer Ball.