Object TrekEdit

In How It Began, Beach Ball was the second contestant chosen by Water Balloon, but he was not present at the time due to bouncing around. Stethoscope placed the landing pad on the ground, and when Beach Ball landed on it, Flight Helmet informed Beach Ball that he had just been picked onto Water Balloon's team. Beach Ball said Baskety's catchphrase, "Yihoo!" after this.

During the contest, Stethoscope crossed the river and placed the landing pad down on the ground. Beach Ball landed on it soon afterward. His team eventually won, putting the Floppy Rabbits up for elimination.

In A-MAZE-ing Plan, Beach Ball was not seen until the contest began. When Water Balloon had the team split up, Beach Ball was put with Stethoscope. Later on, Beach Ball slipped on a banana peel, causing him to bounce all over the maze. He bounced into the path of Baskety and Flight Helmet, and later died in Baskety's explosion. After getting recovered, he went back into the maze, but started bouncing again when he approached the exit. He didn't make it out of the maze until it was night.


In the animation auditions, his bouncing caused him to crash into Baskety, causing her to explode (which caused Rolling Pin to fall into the water below).