Bathing Suit (swimwearicus texasanium), labeled The Texan, is a female contestant on Object Trek. She was placed on the Floppy Rabbits.


Hailing from Texas, Bathing Suit is very outgoing. She is very good friends with her twin brother, Swim Trunks, and they try to help each other out in contests. Like Swim Trunks, she is an excellent swimmer.


In How It Began, Bathing Suit thought the grand prize (a trip to Objectoo) was interesting. Later on, she was chosen to be on Pie's team, the Floppy Rabbits.

During the contest, she and Swim Trunks crossed the river together. Their team, however, was put up for elimination.

Floppy Rabbits

Current: Pie | Swim Trunks | Bathing Suit | Flasky | Scrolly | Snowflake | Dictionary | Rope | Rolling Pin

Eliminated: Broccoli

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