Baskety (explosivus goodii), labeled The Explosive Personality, is a female contestant on Object Trek. She was placed on the Squeezy Foxes.


For the most part, Baskety has an explosive personality. Literally. She is also somewhat talkative, as Pie mentions when trying to figure out whether to pick her, Broccoli, or Rolling Pin. Additionally, she is quite helpful, even offering to help members of the other team when she has the chance! Her catchphrase is "Yihoo!"


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  • Baskety is Object Trek's youngest contestant.
  • Baskety's explosions can be triggered two different ways:
    • Saying the phrase "basket of goodies" (sometimes "basket full of goodies")
    • A sudden impact with something (shown in the animation auditions)
  • She was first person to die in Object Trek.
  • She was also the first female to die in Object Trek.
  • RUNNING GAG: Whenever someone says “Basket of”, Baskety explodes then the person says “Goodies.”.

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